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Important Features Of A Good Accounting Program

What kind of features should be in the ideal accounting program? Keep reading about Boekhoudprogramma by  What should you look for before purchasing the accounting program? If the software does not meet the following 10 points, never worth spending money on it.


The accounting software must be as adaptable as the clay. Each and every company is different and has different needs, so you cannot schedule everything in the same way for each client. Clearly, a freelance should have the ability to configure the program in a different way which makes a small business. Boekhoudprogramma should allow each user their own custom software that is created within it.

With an option to make backups

Though the data are stored on the hard disk, we cannot put all our hopes on it. To do backups on a regular basis, save all data and make sure before any computer failure. If the program makes backups automatically, all the better, but it should give the user the possibility to make their backups.

Integrated with other programs

There are tens of accounting software on the market, but gradually all go setting in a way that all understand. That is, if I send information from the mine, even if it is encoded in a different accounting software, both know extract data similarly. No point in having an accounting program that anyone can send documents to interpret, right?

Customizable user levels

Depending on the size of the company, may multilayered user hierarchies are created. Advantageously, the software lets there be an administrator and several users, who have allowed only edit certain data. For example, imagine being able to provide access to the purchasing department to the exclusive part to add purchase invoices, while the sales department only allows you to create invoices with the income you will be getting. This will save a lot of mistakes.

Able to withstand a lot of information

What would an accounting software that will crash if we put 200 bills instantly? The program should be able to support any increase in information and save all data. There are many online and window base billing programs depending on the number of invoices issued, and that the more issues more spending means to them.

Easy to use

If the program is used to permit accounting, it will make sense that it was complicated. The software should be intuitive, easy to use and with almost no learning curve. To give you an idea, anyone with minimal knowledge should be able to use it. Besides that, all software should be supported by a support and help documents.

Report generators

If you just extract input data and calculations, the program is useless. You need reports, conclusions and a program that provide real value beyond the data.


As mentioned, most accounting programs make a primary point security, for the reason that no one can see their accounts. Analyze what safety standards that perform the software and pay particular attention to this point are. A security breach and all your accounts could be exposed.


There are specialized software in different sectors such as freelancers, big business or consultants, which you buy must scalability. If you work alone today, but tomorrow is a company of 20 employees, you should be able to continue using it. If you think you will grow in the future and see that your accounting is not scalable, you better look for another to avoid having to relearn how to use one again in the future.

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The last feature is most evident: if the accounting software is not supported with your favorite operating system or browser, it makes no sense to buy it.

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