Faceswap weapons technology

Hey Martti I found the faceswap app here Yes yes well thats nice okey come and test okay let’s take the picture allright ready oh man that looks so stupid aaaa what is happening why is my face there we have no other choice than try again I don’t want to look like you what the heck don’t laugh have to try again it doesn’t work bosun, what is the situation hoorah our faceswap weapons technology works perfectly succesful test our leader will be pleased excellent work enemy ship detected I will destroy you engage the faceswap weapons technology application to the enemy ship yes captain launching the faceswap weapon now! hoorah why isn’t this working doesn’t work the swap isn’t working? I have an idea I will take a photo from my personal photo collection soon my weapon is ready to fire hoorah mangy dogs do something we are falling Jorma Nieminen from CCP news good evening the bureau of airspace have given a warning for tonight that some weird elongated ufo is going to hit the Jyväskylä city area we do not necessarily know when that will.

look there it is, the ufo there it is look, dear lord what a chunk what is that? what on earth? junk shaped ufo space spies hoorah now as you can see, the ufo crashed right around the citycenter area i suppose there is a massive chaos going on now there are some people looking at this here as well do you think this ufo situation is threatening? look at my face heck yeah kill the ufo’s never use the faceswap app, it’s made by the ufo’s look at my face look at our faces my life is ruined I can’t get women with this face never.

Source: Youtube