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Wireless connectivity is the “in thing” today. The technology eases movement and also assists in hassle-free motion. Printers require not be linked directly to the computer system with the use of a wireless print web server.

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Wireless printer server from Axis has built-in encryption requirements like the WPA, WPA2 and WEP security. Attaining a protected printing work via Windows or Macintosh compatible computer systems is feasible. The Axis OfficeBasic USB Wireless G print web server works without the need of a cable, publishing the document from your laptop computer or computer system even if the printer is away is possible to do.


If you desire a cordless print server that can allow you collaborate with virtually any kind of sorts of printer that has a memory of approximately 512 KB as well as 256 KB RAM, the Linksys wireless print web server could just be the one that you need. Its barrier memory boosts rapid graphics manufacturing and also could print with bubble jet, ink jet, dot matrix as well as laser jet printers.

Airstation wireless print web server utilizes firmware from Lucent Technologies. The web server could collaborate with Windows as well as software application like Linux or Unix and Macintosh, nevertheless its configuration programs are limited to collaborating with the Windows only. The only drawback of the device is that it is not compatible with bi-directional printer functions.

The 2-port USB Wireless print web server from Belkin, can make use of 802.11 g wireless connectivity that could send as well as receive data as high as 54Mbit per second. It permits the usage 2 printers at the very same time as a result of its twin USB 1.1 interfaces. The printer could allow you publish using documents transfer method (FTP) links as well as net method (IP) as well as line printer daemon procedure (LPR) port.

HP JetDirect ew2400 802.11 g wireless print web server makes way for using easy sharing network-capable printers with making use of USB ports that work really fast. Installation of the print web server is really easy because of its breakthrough technology wizard that makes setting up simply a mouse click. It is a Wi-Fi capable that makes transmission of info via protected mode possible.

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Wireless printing via Rapid Ethernet innovation is likewise imaginable with HP’s print server. The maker’s upkeep is convenient, on the various other hand it promises to last longer compared to other brand names in the market today. Nonetheless this print web server may require you to pay out a little bit more as a result of its included functions that are not present in other brands.

With Wireless print web server, printer cables are now ending up being things in the past.