How To Backup & Print SMS From iPhone?

Text messages are now an essential resource for many users. Twenty years after their birth, the text messages can be a very important asset to the day. You keep them either for sentimental or issue because they have valuable information. Though the vast majority of modern phones have no problems in store lots of messages, many smartphones are set up to go erasing the previous, usually, when it reaches 200 accumulated messages. Print SMS from iPhone is the simplest way to transfer SMS messages from your phone to a computer for printing.

Here are some free SMS Reader apps to save a backup of your mobile phone SMS and store them on the PC or a Web server.

Only select the contact you want to print text messages from iPhone, and the app will order all the SMS messages from iPhone your device into a printable list. You can select to email the text messages using your email client or Gmail.

Print Text Messages is useful if you need to print SMS messages for business or if you need to show evidence of an ex-sending your intimidating or abusive text messages.

Print SMS from iPhone

In the case of Apple mobile, iTunes is a free app for PC/Mac allows a backup of all the contents of the phone including text messages that can also be stored in cloud. It does not allow access messages directly.


The official Nokia software for PC, called Suite and also a free, lets you backup and manage messages from the computer. An alternative, which in fact works with any phone that supports the SyncML standard, is PhoneCopy (free) able to copy messages to the PC.

Windows Phone

The next version of this operating system incorporates a tool in the operating system for automatic backups to the cloud that include SMS. For users of Windows Phone 7, there is an application, not approved by Microsoft, called SMS Backup, but requires fully unlocked teams to make a copy of the text messages.


BlackBerry Protect – a free application provided by RIM makes an automatic copy of messages as well as contacts, calendar and other elements of the phone. Also, you can recover your all data, even if you change the model, but only used for phones RIM.


There is a massive amount of software that can perform this to Print SMS From Android. Thus, the application SMS Backup + is free to automate the process and make a backup every time we get a message or send one, and automatically copied to a Gmail account; It will appear as an email with SMS label.

Easy Way To Print SMS From iPhone

SMS EasyReader&Printer is the main SMS management application in the world for all smartphones!

SMS Easy Reader & Printer is a alternative free application and the simplest way to transfer SMS messages from your iPhone to a computer for printing.