Increase Your Computer RAM More Than 10 GB | No Hardware | Easy | Free | 100% Working

Hey, it’s Amit from Techno Solutions Nepal.

On this video I’m going to show you that how can we increase our computer’s RAM without any hardware changes which is very easy and of course for free.

This is simply going to use your hard drive space to convert into RAM just follow me.

Let’s check which drive has more free space.

My D drive is free so I’m going to use it for my RAM Please, right click on computer or on this pc and then properties.

See my RAM is only 2 GB which is very less so I’m using it since long time.

Click on advance system settings.

in advance tab click on settings then again in advanced tab then in virtual memory click on change.

so we gonna change it now uncheck the default selection and select which drive you are using for RAM so click on custom size i’m going to use 8 GB for RAM so I’m going to calculate and convert it into MB let’s see okay it is 8192 mb so i’m going to put the value both initial and maximum size click on set then press ok then you’ll be messaged to restart your computer then again click on ok.

then finally ok you have to restart your computer before your changes occur so I’m going to restart my pc and finally you will see some space deducted from your hard drive which is used for the RAM.

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