Kindle Fire (2)

Kindle Fire

Amazon’s Kindle Fire is a Tablet with built in E-reader functions. Kindle Fire measures to around 9.4”x6.4”x.35” and weighs around 567 grams. Kindle Fire boasts of an 8.9” display screen with a 10-point touch capacity and a resolution of around 1920×1200 at 254 ppi. In addition, the display is equipped with an in-plane switching technology and anti-glare features.
Currently, the Kindle Fire comes in two versions depending on the internal storage capacity- the 16GB and the 32GB. It is also capable of connecting to the internet with its dual-band and dual-antenna WiFi which support both public and private networks. Data transfer and charging is possible through a USB 2.0 connector or with the use of Micro-HDMI for video output. Additional features found in the Kindle Fire would be the external controls for volume, front-facing HD camera and built-in microphone which support video calls and video chats. Kindle Fire also comes with a built-in Bluetooth technology. Use of Kindle Fire through computer systems does not require any additional software or installation.
• A great competitor to the iPad in terms of price and eReader capacity.
• Multimedia capabilities with unique features which make the Kindle Fire different from the other types of Kindle devices.
• Internet connectivity is faster with Kindle Fire especially with the recent introduction of Amazon Silk, Amazon’s own version of web browser which offers constant connection to the most highly visited websites.
• Better storage system than other Kindle devices which makes it relevant in storing larger numbers of eBooks, music and videos.
• Additional features on the Kindle Fire have lowered the life of battery span.
• Multiple capacities makes it less effective as an eReader for some users.
• Complex navigation system compared to the user interface of older Kindle products.
• Still quite a lot of bugs with Kindle Fire in almost all aspects of UI.
Kindle Fire is an ideal table for those who just can’t get enough with eBooks. Although a lot of smartphones and tablets are equipped with Kindle and eBook reader applications, the built-in eReader integrated into the Kindle Fire provides a better reading experience. In addition, it has a slightly wider screen display compared to other Kindle models. The display also comes in colored E-ink rather than the usual basic black and white ones, which is both advantageous and disadvantageous at the same time. The great thing about the Kindle Fire is that it comes in higher storage capacities which is lacking in other versions of the Kindle.
Kindle Fire is Amazon’s best bet when it comes to competing with Apple’s iPad and other tablet brands that are currently available in the market. The price is also way affordable compared to other tablets out there.
With these features and the competitive price tag, it won’t be long before Kindle Fire is considered as one of the big players in the tablet industry. Once Amazon has found a way to sort the kinks and the bugs in their newer versions of the Kindle Fire, it will become a greater hit to the eReader community.