Presents Kids Loved Most In 2012

Presents Kids Loved Most In 2012

Some kids are hard to please and if you are able to find gifts that they’d adore, you have found the Holy Grail! After all, kids are very clear with their appreciation – or not! – of the stuff that they’d get. But worry not if you’re working on finding the best present for the holidays. At least before the end of 2012, you will be able to get your child the best present that he can show off to friends or learn something out of it.

Finding that right gift for your child means you have to balance the child’s interest and his need to learn something out of it. The good news is that there are a lot of gifts this year that children simply adored and as a parent you’ll find out that they will learn out from the gifts that you will be giving them.

Here are some of the gift ideas that kids loved during the gift-giving season of 2012.

Leap Frog 2

The Leap Frog 2 is the new and improved version of the Leap Frog gadget of 2011. The new Leap Frog 2 has a faster processor, better front and back camera and improved battery life. This gadget is a good choice to teach your kid and at the same time initiate them to the world of mobile gadgets. The suite of educational apps that come with the Leap Frog2 will entertain and educate your child at the same time.

Spot It

Spot It may be low-tech compared to our first entry on the list; but surely it offers tons of enjoyment not only to kids but to the rest of the family as well. Spot it gives you the ability to train you memory and improve your mental faculties. The game is known to improve your memory, cognitive skills, visual perception and matching skills, which is perfect for training little tykes. It is not messy and it can be set-up easily which makes it very popular with parents. This fast-paced card game can be used for parties and to spend some time with family and friends.


Did you know that toy helicopters still rank among the top gifts that a child wants? In fact, toy helicopters enjoyed huge sales during the middle of the year and is expected to show some robust numbers come Christmas time or at least during the holiday spending season. The toy helicopters maybe a classic toy but it does not go out of style.

Servin Suprises Cook N Serve Kitchen and Table

This toy set is not just a play kitchen it is a way to let your kid develop his or her creativity and letting her imagination run wild. They will learn about roleplaying and learn about the things that grown-ups do. The set features some of the things that you could see on a real kitchen.

Plasma Bike

Plasma Bike is unique because it is closer to the real bikes compared to the tricycle that you would see most kids using. It is perfect to teach your child balance, motor skills and hand and body coordination. The bike has wider than usual wheels that allow the bike to stand on its own. It has no pedals or batteries which add to the biking fun.

Playtime with Dora dollhouse

This playhouse features six doors which includes a walk-in refrigerator, which some of the adults would adore having a real walk-in refrigerator. It also has an attic, a craft and play table. It has a lot of buttons where the kids can push and listen to sound effects and English or Spanish phrases.

Wee Blossom Weplay Rocking Bowl

This is one of the best toys that children will simply adore. If you are worried about children jumping up and down in the couch and fearful they may get injured? Well say no more, you can have them play in this rocking bowl designed to give them exercise and hours of fun. Whatever your little one does with this toy, it will surely be hours and hours of fun.